Masturbation Myths: Getting to the Truth

For an activity enjoyed by basically all men, the number of myths about masturbation is nothing short of amazing. Since masturbation often contributes to better penis health, it’s important that men feel comfortable pleasuring themselves when moved to do so. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the myths that have proliferated about masturbation and get to the truth about them.

Masturbation causes blindness. Or hairy palms. Seriously now? If this one were true, there wouldn’t be an adult male getting around without a seeing eye dog and barbers would spend much more time cutting the hair on hands than on heads. These popular myths developed because of parental desire to keep boys from masturbating. Didn’t work now, did it?

Masturbation causes impotence. Quite the opposite for many men. Guys who spend a lot of time gratifying themselves often make much better lovers. They know what their penis likes and so are able to better position themselves during sex to take advantage of that information. They also typically learn more about stamina and so can often delay their ejaculations longer than they would otherwise. Yes, there are some men who masturbate a lot and have trouble engaging in partner sex; but usually this has less to do with masturbation than with other physical or psychological factors.

Cereal dampens the desire to masturbate. This myth came about because John Harvey Kellogg (founder of Kellogg’s cereals) was very vocally against sex and masturbation. He believed that cereals had a de-stimulating effect on people and could be used to control a young man’s lust. So, corn flakes versus orgasm – which is really likely to win?

Men who masturbate daily can’t father a child. Very definitely not true – and something any man needs to know before using masturbation as a form of birth control! Studies have demonstrated that even men who masturbate daily still produce more than enough sperm to score a date with a waiting egg.

Only single men masturbate. Solo-based sex continues to be a big part of people’s lives even when they are in committed, long-term relationships with frequent partner-based sex. One survey indicates that 70% of married men still masturbate regularly.

Young boys who masturbate become sex addicts. Again, if this were true, the world would be overrun with sex addicts. Masturbation is a normal part of most people’s childhoods and a valuable way for a young person to learn what his body likes and doesn’t like.

Men who masturbate frequently get embarrassing public erections. Many men walk around with big bulges at inopportune moments – but unless a guy has just been feeling himself up, this has nothing to do with self-pleasuring. (Besides, a lot of guys enjoy sporting an obvious erection.)

Masturbation will give a guy a lower voice. It’s hard to trace the logic behind this, except that when an adolescent boy is able to ejaculate semen, it is likely that his voice soon will be (or has been) undergoing a change. But there’s no reason to assume that a man with a basso profundo voice masturbates more than a man who can hit a high C.

Most masturbation myths have no validity to them, but there is one masturbation tale that is true: Too much rough handling can create a sore penis. Using a first-class penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is one way to address that issue. When the penis is sore, the skin is often dry, cracked or otherwise distressed. Adding a crème with a combination of moisturizers (such as Shea butter and vitamin E) is essential to providing penis skin relief and soothing the sore penis. When that rough handling has actually caused a loss of sensation, a crème with neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine can help restore lost sensitivity. This ingredient battles the peripheral nerve damage that can cause a penis to experience sensation in a diminished manner. With Man1 Man Oil as part of the daily regimen, a penis is in much better shape to withstand serious masturbation.

What Causes Saggy Breasts? 7 Factors That Cause Saggy Breasts


This is probably the most familiar cause but surely not the only cause of sagging breasts as some women think. As women grow older, the ligaments that make up the breasts tissues stretch and lose elasticity leading to the breasts losing their fullness and their support system of tissue and fat also reduces drastically. This is very clear especially during menopause.

Using the right size of bra

Using wrong-sized bras like under-sized ones discourage the growth of supporting breast tissues which can result in sagging breasts. It’s highly advisable to use professionally fitted, moderate bra sizes that give enough room to contain your breasts, firm your breasts and prevent breasts from sagging.


Smoking is one of the factors and a lot of women don’t actually know. Cigarettes contain carcinogens that breakdown elastin in the body and these elastin fibres are responsible for skin elasticity throughout the body and could also cause sagging.

Weight gain

Weight gain is somewhat an easier way of getting sagging breasts in that when your body undergoes great fluctuations in weight it invariably leads to the breasts being stretched and then causing sagging. It is advisable that women try as much as possible to keep up a healthy weight to avoid stretching.


Now sunburn is another somewhat infamous cause of breasts to sag. If you are exposed to ultraviolet rays it damages the skin while also causing its loss of elasticity.

Gravitational pull

The years and years of gravitational pull actually takes its toll, you might not notice but its been found out to do and this affects the women with the larger breasts more.

Lack of Proper care

As for proper care, generally we as human beings are advised to take good proper care of our body parts. If you don’t give proper attention to your breasts, there is a huge chance they would sag. Just simple daily moisturizer and massaging with some oils can help go a long way in keeping your breasts in good shape every time.

There is the preconceived notion that breast-feeding causes breasts to sag, but in fact research has shown that it is simply the size changes that a woman’s breasts undergo through pregnancy that causes sagging. For women who are concerned about this change, It is advisable they lose the extra baby-weight as quickly as possible after childbirth to go back to their ‘normal’ weight and size.

Saggy breasts are not dysfunctional. So you should avoid treating it as a problem. However, there are real ways on how to get rid of saggy breasts naturally without surgery.

But you know as they say prevention is actually the best cure. If you care more for your breasts, you won’t have any reason to worry about them in the future.